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Are you currently covered under the AL State Insurance Plan?

State Employee Wellness Screenings


Having an annual wellness check saves you money on your monthly insurance premium!

English Plaza Pharmacy is an accredited SEIB Wellness Screening site and provides these screenings at no cost to you or your spouse.


The screenings are conducted in the pharmacy by the pharmacist and only take a few minutes. 


The screenings include: 


  • Blood Pressure Check

  • Cholesterol Reading

  • Glucose Reading (blood sugar test)

  • Body Mass Index Analysis

  • Waist Circumference Analysis

Wellness Screening Dates for English Plaza Pharmacy: 


*Screenings are performed right here in the pharmacy. 


Do you want to take charge of your health and save on your insurance premium? 

Did you know you can decide where to have your annual wellness screening? >click here

1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month:

9am - 1pm

Premium Wellness Discount Program


For more information, call us at 221.3090 or Email Us
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